Sunday, 26 April 2015

Moving House: Let the saga begin again.....

Long standing readers of my blog will remember back in 2013 when we were forced out of our old rental house and had to move to a new one (no?  read about it here).    In the last 18 months we have taken the shell from a run down house (with mould on the walls and ripped wallpaper) to somewhere we love to call our home.  3 months ago we finally finished (with the landlords permission) decorating the kids bedroom.... just for (a month later) a letter to hit our doorstep ....... the landlord was selling our house and we were to move out at the end of our tenancy (May).

Saturday, 25 April 2015

Upcoming films we want to see

We've been to see quite a lot of kids films recently thanks to Sun Perks and Odeon's Kids AM showings.  Unfortunately this has the drawback of us seeing loads of trailers for films we really want to see and hoping there will be some Preview tickets released that we can get our hands on.

Here's our top 4 new releases coming up......

Thursday, 23 April 2015

Bradfield: Damflask Reservoir walk

Saturday was another lovely sunny day and once again ideas for places to go were not coming to mind easily.  I'm more than happy with walking  but everywhere I found that I fancied took between 1 and 2.5h to get to on public transport (I hate not having a car sometimes).  Then Bradfield came to mind.  It's only half an hour up the road and not a place we've ever really been exploring at, we've had a quick walk one wet day and been to the pub for tea when we first moved up..... oh and we've  been round it on the bus when we went to Our Cow Molly Farm last year.  But making a day of it, never.

So I got to googling and there are loads and loads of different walks to printout and follow.  I choose the circular walk around Damflask Reservoir as at 3.8 miles it was about right for the boys to either stop for a rest half way or go all the way around in one go.   Another picnic packed and I told the boys we were off on a Famous Five adventure (that's really what it felt like) and even nipped to Morrisons for some Ginger Beer :)

Sunday, 19 April 2015

Ecclesall Woods and the Abbeydale Miniature Railway

Last Sunday was lovely and sunny so we packed a picnic and headed to the south west of the city.  The boys were pretty excited as it was our first visit to the Abbeydale Miniature Railway, something I had heard people mention but never actually got to ourselves.

We packed a picnic and headed out to catch the bus.  From the bus stop you'd never know the railway was there (well apart from the yellow sign) as it's headed inside Ecclesall Woods, another area that in almost 10 years of living in Sheffield we had never been too.

The woods themselves are beautiful, covering 140 hectares, like other woodland in Sheffield there is plenty of Wildlife as well as archaeological features.   There are over 15km of pathways, which we found out are also bridleways.  If you visit the council website  there are a selection of walks you can
download to avoid getting lost, these include an 'easy going' walks.  There is also a self-guided "Ecclesall Woods Archaeology Trail" leaflet which we are looking forward to doing at some point.  Unfortunately on this occasion the husband was with us and isn't really one for exploring for too long so we didn't get much time to actually explore the woods ... watch out for a follow up post :)

Saturday, 18 April 2015

In My House by Alex Hourston

I have to make an apology in advance, I love being able to read or use an item before telling you about it but life has caught me on the hop a bit recently, combine that with having just started a new book when this landed on my doormat and you may see why I've not got round to reading this pre-released copy of Alex Hourston's 'In My House' yet.   However I hate to delay any review by more then 2 weeks, and always aim to get something up before a book is released, so what I'll do is to tell you all about this book and then pop back with my verdict  on it just as soon as I have managed to open the cover and enjoy the story.   My aim is for this to happen before its official release on 21st May 2015, Sorry!

If you've get hold of the book when it's released I'd love you to share your opinions.

From the description given it sounds just like my sort of book, I love a good mystery and tales of suspense which is why I was eager to get my hands on a copy.  Fairy tale happy endings and predictability, whilst having their place, are nothing compared to a book that makes you think and question your own ideas.  I can't wait to get started, in fact I flicked through it to get an idea of what the writing style was like and had to stop myself from reading too much in the last few chapters so as not to spoil the ending..