Friday, 25 July 2014

Flashback Friday - Time Busters

Many people remember Knightmare but how many remember Broadswords smaller run, BBC2 show Time Busters?

For me the main memory are the big red bus and the catchphrase "Time Busters Go...Go Go Go Go".  Like my memory of being Alana, The Girl from Tomorrow, I distinctly remember jumping over the top of my mums sofa (quite a lot) bring a Time Buster.

Thursday, 24 July 2014

#mysleepout .... an update @archerproject

On the 12th of July we got all set for out outdoor sleepout.  This was to raise awareness of homelessness in Sheffield - see my earlier post  and after a week or 2 of glorious evenings we were very excited.

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Have you missed me? ;)

The school holidays finally started here for us on Monday.... 6 whole weeks of having 2 boys at home again.  It's probably not such a big deal for me as I am used to having both all weekend, but for hubby (who only has 1 most of the time, and a full day with neither) it is now 4 days of utter chaos as he has to remember to actually look after them and keep them entertained.

Apologies for the marathon catch up but I've sooooo much I've been wanting to share and just not had the time ...... here's why........

Friday, 18 July 2014

My first (and not last) Flurt with frozen yogurt

It's not often I get excited about 2 hours out of the house..... ok it is.... tis a very rare occurrence and as Flurt pointed out on their facebook page, yes I probably WOULD go to the opening of a crisp packet!

But this excitement was something else, a night to meet some bloggers and local independent businesses as well as having my first ever 'Flurt' frozen yogurt experience (I know now what fro-yo stands for and be warned I will be using it!).

flashback friday - paddington bear

I may have already mentioned our new favourite kids TV channel "Tiddlers TV", well it came up trumps again last week when it started showing episodes of "Paddington Bear"  from the 80's.

This is nothing like the new generation of Paddington Bear - the originals were a strange form of animation.  Paddington himself was a 3D puppet who moves between 2D animated scenes, characters and buildings.

Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Tuneful Tuesday - Autumn Days

Which songs do you remember from your school days?  The other week we fondly remembered "The Paintbox Song" .... this week "Autumn Days"  take the number one spot.

.  ..apologies in advance for the youtube clip, it was the only one I could find
  ..... what are you thankful for?

All together now.........................