Monday, 23 February 2015

Our #budgetholiday ......... Grasmere

image from Wikimedia Commons
Grasmere is sooo cute, it is the prettiest little village with just a handful of gift shops, galleries and cafes and probably the most amazing gingerbread you've ever tasted.

It's just 4 miles from Ambleside and accessible by bus or car, Grasmere was made famous by William Wordsworth.  Dove Cottage, his home from 1799 to 1808 with his sister Dorothy, is now a tourist attraction and brings in crowds of tourists every day.  William and Dorothy's graves are also in the village alongside his wife, Mary, and children, Dora, Catherine and Thomas.

Sunday, 22 February 2015

Death, Decay and Renewal ... not as dark and morbid as it sounds

With a name like that posh drinks and candles you would be forgiven for thinking this post is going to be sinister, depressing and upsetting...... well lets add some happier words......

not convinced................. How about now??

Nothing Lush could be bad and this post is all about their new, volume 3,  Gorilla Perfume range which (as you may have guessed by now) is called "Death, Decay and Renewal".

Friday, 20 February 2015

Our #budgetholiday - Park Resorts - Fallbarrow, Bowness

We were a little concerned when we arrived at Fallbarrow Park that we had gone to the wrong place.  I had stayed here when I was very little and it was owned by South Lakes, hubby had even worked a shift here in the bar (as he worked at one of their sister sites White Cross Bay 10 years ago).  It's safe to say Park Resorts have not tried to make it their own.  The signs remain as they always were and the staff wear the same old uniforms. When we entered the site the entire reception/ entertainment complex was dark and surrounded by machinery and workmen.  A sign informed us the reception doors were closed and to use the other doors, helpfully pointing us in the wrong direction ..... until a workman, seeing our confused expressions, explained we were not the first ones to go wrong and told us where to go.  We noted the following day new signs had been erected to make finding the reception much easier.


Our #budgetholiday ......... Ambleside

Ambleside is a must when you are in that part of the lakes, especially when, like me, you lived there for 3 years.  It's more a town then a village with more outdoor shops than anyone will ever need, quaint little cafes, tons of B&B's, a large park and a good sprinkling of pubs, not to mention a Boots The Chemist (where I worked in my student days), a Tesco Metro, Co-op and Spar shop.

Thursday, 19 February 2015

Sob - we've returned from our #budgetholiday

But here's an overview of what we got up involves quite a lot of food :)

It's going to take me a while to write a post covering everything but when I do get them written I will link up to them from this post.


Was mostly spent travelling, which was a breeze thanks to DK Books.  We checked in at Park Resorts, Fallbarrow in Bowness and had a quick cup of tea before heading out to see how Ambleside had changed in the few years since we had last been.
  Tea was a lovely meal in the Ambleside Tavern (formally The Sportsman/ 'Sporties' my old dancing venue when I was at University there)

Monday, 9 February 2015

Mini Microwave Flapjacks

I had a huge sugar low today and came home craving chocolate brownies, but I was too lazy to get
the mixer out and the sieve etc.... which was when I discovered Microwave Flapjack.

Now given the mess I make everytime I try to make flapjack in the oven I was scared..... but I needn't have been, it was soo easy.