Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Elmer Cross Stitch

So tonight's #WIPWednesday is actually a finished piece because it didn't take me very long.  I can't say tooo much about it in case the recipient reads my blog (I don't *think* they do but you never know).

This, to anyone who hasn't met him before, is Elmer.  He's a favourite in children's literature.  I simply LOVE his bright colours for baby cards/ pictures and it doesn't matter if you don't use the correct shades so fantastic to use up stash.

Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Tuneful Tuesday - Ice Ice Baby by Vanilla Ice

If you haven't heard of the Ice Bucket challenge sweeping the nation this week what have you been doing?  If you haven't yet participated in it....well it's only a matter of time.

I've heard a few good excuses to get out of it (I am against animal testing and they test on animals), personally these viral crazes normally get ignored by me as they are pointless (the drinking one anyone?) but this one I didn't mind..... that was until i came down with this stupid cold/ cough/ achy bug and figured it probably isn't a good idea for me to stand in the cold and chuck water over myself right now.... I am more than happy to do it when I feel a bit better :)

My boys took up the challenge tho (but obviously with warmer water) and so has my hubby.  Hats off to Matt Damon for using toilet water to raise awareness of another fantastic cause - the lack of safe water, see for more information and as for the firefighters..........

Please feel free to share your links to your ALS Ice Bucket challenges (or whichever cause you chose to support with it) below (please note all links WILL be verified for inappropriate content).

Anyway, what could be more fitting a Tuneful Tuesday for this week then the soundtrack to many peoples videos ...... the 1989 hit, Ice Ice Baby by Vanilla Ice.

Monday, 25 August 2014

OXO with bread in it and Lucozade..... what could be better

Thought I'd have a little change from camping posts and reviews (wahooo I hear you cry), that and the fact my head is too fuzzy to think.

Everytime I feel under the weather my tried and tested cure is OXO with bread and Lucozade.

It's soo warming and you literally make it exactly the same as gravy (ok it is gravy)... 2 OXO's, a dash of mint sauce (optional) and some slices of bread.  Dip in and eat.  It's simple comfort food and quick to make when you don't want to be stood up for too long.

As for lucozade I am sure everyone will agree it tastes better when you are sick.  Don't drink tooo much tho or you'll not want to sleep at night.

Night all.

Sunday, 24 August 2014

Camping Adventures ..... 2 kids, 2 adults .... no car - Tower Bar and Grill @ Alton Towers (review)

As you'll already know when we went to Alton Towers we decided to experience The Tower Bar and Grill.  This is situated right near the entrance/ exit and serves right up until 7pm.  A word of advice tho we left around 6.15pm and the place was packed, people were queueing for seats.


The menu is very simple and basic but with something for everyone and designated kids options.

I had a bacon and cheese burger with chips and it was probably one of the best burgers I've had in a long time.  Hubby had the gammon, he was rather disappointed in this (having had melt in the mouth gammon the night before) and had to find a member of staff to request a steak knife as it was too tough to cut normally.   Noah had chicken goujons and chips which he wolfed down, however Ben went for just fries.  He refused to have goujons as they "weren't chicken nuggets".  No amount of explaining would make him opt for them.  **strange child**

Silent Sunday - 24.08.14

Saturday, 23 August 2014

Camping Adventures ..... 2 kids, 2 adults .... The Star @ Cotton - pub (a review)

The Star at Cotton was our local pub to the campsite (ok it was the only pub within walking distance).  They are a family-friendly, traditional 16th century pub and restaurant with a contemporary twist situated near Alton Towers and on the very edge of the Peak District. you could tell it has been recently re-furbished to a very high standard and looked lovely and welcoming both inside and out.   The service we received was friendly and quick and the toilet facilities lovely and clean.

Camping Adventures ..... 2 kids, 2 adults .... no car - The Star @ Alton Campsite (a review)

We decided to pitch at The Star Campsite following great reviews about camping there.  In the main the campsite is fantastic, and a perfect base .... if you drive.  If you are using public transport you may struggle a little bit.

First an overview of the site....
Alton, The Star has the following facilities on or around the site for campers.

Members' and non-members' tents are welcome.  This is not the case with all Camping and Caravanning pitches so a must for checking before you book anywhere.
Grass only pitch (with or without electric) available.
Flushing toilets
Dishwashing facilities
Childrens play area
Gas cylinders - tho only refills and only large ones... none suitable for camping stoves.
Pets welcome
Public transport within 1 mile
family bathroom
Drinking water taps
Washing Machines
Ice pack freezing
Ball games (in a small designated area in the middle of the tents)

Of course caravans and trailer tents are all welcome but I can't comment on these.