Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Tuneful Tuesday - Roxette - must have been love

Originally released in 1987 as a Christmas song, "Christmas for the Broken Hearted", the song's original title, it went on to become a Top 10 hit in Sweden but EMI Germany decided not to the release the track.  Later "It must have been love" featured on the 1990 soundtrack to the popular film Pretty Woman and had a much better run.

Word fun with Bananagrams

Imagine a game of scrabble with no board ... well now you have it.... Bananagrams.  Much more lightweight and easier for travelling then the popular board based game and with endless possibilities.

Following the #NorthernBloggersMeetUp the kids were eager to see what I had in my goodybags.... the makeup, tea and supplements were very quickly pushed aside when we saw a bright yellow pouch (and that was just my reaction).   I'd seen Banangrams on the shelf in my local stores, they are hard to miss, but already owning more then 1 version of scrabble I'd not been allowed to buy it.

Monday, 1 September 2014

Home made Frozen Yogurt

SO the boys have now developed my passion for frozen yogurt and with a punnet of freshly picked blackberries in the freezer and some yogurt to use up I thought now would be a good time to see how easy it was.

Let's just say it could be better.  I did a little bit of research online, including asking my good tweeps Ben and Jerry's

300 picture book challenge - August Update


We are still plowing through The Enchanted Wood trilogy .......now onto the 3rd book ....

  • The Magic Faraway Tree - 51 -55  (book 2 in trilogy)
  • Thomas Annual
  • Topsy and Tim: camping
  • The Folk of The Faraway Tree - 56 - 58 (book 3 in trilogy)
  • Bangers and Mash: Eggs is Eggs
  • Bangers and Mash: wiggly woms
  • Bangers and Mash: wet paint
only 13 this month  (I am counting 1 chapter as equivalent to 1 book) - very very very bad show.  We had a lot of days out/ late nights and games in the evenings rather then snuggling to read stories.

Total: 219/300

300 Picture Book Challenge


The aim of this challenge is to read 300 picture books with my boys in 2014.  Although Ben is now 5 and likes slightly longer books so some of them may be thrown in too.

We must have 300 easily in our collection so this will be a great way of seeing what they do and don't enjoy (personally I Loved Puddle Lane and Julia Donaldson..... but do they?)
I'm not counting unique books but any book, so you may see favourites appearing more than one.

Check out our Pinterest Board and follow our progress below.

When you work it out thats 25 books a month, easily doable.... right.

January Progress - 25/ 300 :)  - check out what we read here
February Progress - 66/ 300  - check out what we read here
March Progress - 97/300 :) - way over target - what did we read... look here.
April - total: 117/300 - I was a really naughty mummy this month - see why here
May - 149/300 :)  - a FARR more respectable month - here's our list.
June - now up to 183/300 - really on track.  here's what we read.
July - a bad month - only reached 206/300.
August - a busy month... just not where books were concerned.  Only made it to 219/300

Sunday, 31 August 2014

Christmas Planning - Week 1: Front Porch / List Week

Well Christmas is well on it's way and Week One on Organized Christmas is List Week.  Yup you guessed it, this week is all about making lists, lists and lists to ensure everything runs smoothly.

Check out the printable lists on the above site (I won't be reinventing the wheel), however I will be sharing my progress and would love you to keep me on track and share your progress along with me.

I just need to find me a nice Christmas note book to keep my lists in :)

As I don't have a front porch (which is the suggested focus for the week) I will be concentrating on my front room which is a disorganised mess - mainly as it is currently the storage point for all the lego.

Cleaning/Organising Area:
Front Room and the Front Room cleaning checklist  (once mine is written I will upload to google docs or similar for you).

Christmas Preperations
Print the Holiday Grand Plan calendars for reference.
Make the following lists:
Gifts to be given, amount to spend (include family, friends, etc)  Master lists here and here
Christmas card list - Decide how many cards are needed, which are we making, buying in bulk, ordering?  Master List here
Visits to make - we really don't make any so for me I can cross this straight off.
Parties/Entertaining - - we really don't entertain (or go to parties), yay another I can cross this straight off.
Menus for Christmas, New Years, etc
Long-term shopping list/ perishables / decorations/ Goodies - buying in a few every week saves a big splurge just before Christmas.
Favorite Meals of Family members for freezing ahead - our freezer isn't really big enough, it will be 'business as usual in our house.
Create a Christmas planner notebook to organize all this holiday planning into.

If you want to get ahead of the game there are more printables here.

Updated 31.08.14

Friday, 29 August 2014

Here's One We Made Earlier .... a history of Children's BBC @The Lowry

As my #FlashbackFriday posts will hopefully have shown you I love living in the past.  I am convinced that children's TV past is far better then it is today, but perhaps that's my age as when I sit the boys down with some of the old programmes they find them boring (eeek how dare they!!).  So when I was told about the 'Here's One We Made Earlier' exhibition at The Lowry in Manchester I was counting down the days until I could take the boys.

This exhibition explores the story of over 90 years of BBC Children's broadcasting, from 1922, when the BBC launched Children's Hour, right up to the present multi-media moment with plenty of interactive exhibits along the way. This is something you need to keep an eye on, whilst some of the things are touchable a lot are not, however you have to spot a tiny sign before your excited children do which is not always easy.

Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Elmer Cross Stitch

So tonight's #WIPWednesday is actually a finished piece because it didn't take me very long.  I can't say tooo much about it in case the recipient reads my blog (I don't *think* they do but you never know).

This, to anyone who hasn't met him before, is Elmer.  He's a favourite in children's literature.  I simply LOVE his bright colours for baby cards/ pictures and it doesn't matter if you don't use the correct shades so fantastic to use up stash.