Friday, 31 October 2014

Flashback Friday - The Spooks of Bottle Bay

The Spooks of Bottle Bay was shown on CITV between 1993 and 1995.  It was created by Ian Allen.

The show features Sidney Sludge and his horrible brother and sister Sybil and Cedric Sludge, as well as his faithful dog Maxwell.   At nighttime the Bottle Bay Spooks come out to tease poor Sid.

There are a number of Spooks who live in the Bay who put on their sheets and come to life, the main ones being Sally, Fred and Baby Spook.

Thursday, 30 October 2014

Freshly harvested fruit and veg make the perfect .... dessert

If you were reading my blog the other week you'll have read all about how Tesco are passionate about bringing us seasonal flavours to enhance our meals.  Not only this but they like to ensure all their harvested fruit and vegetables is fresh and of the highest quality.  

You will already know that if you see the Red Tractor logo on their products you can be assured they are working with suppliers who have passed rigorous production standards to bring you the best possible food.  It's no secret where Red Tractor food comes from, you can trace it all back to the farm it originated on.

And of course you will already have seen that Tesco set some of their Orchard Club members a challenge, to use their freshly harvested products and let everyone know about them. 

Wednesday, 29 October 2014

The Thread of Life. Project & Exhibition

While on Twitter the other day I came across a lovely project by a local resident artist Sharon Mossbeck that I thought others would love to know about (especially my friends new and old in the MSE Cross Stitch Cafe)..

The project is based on the mythological Greek figures of the Fates, or Moirai and called "The thread of Life" and is in 2 parts.

Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Trick or Treat (part 2)

This year sees the first ever Swizzels Trick Or Treat Trail at all three Gulliver’s theme parks in Warrington, Matlock Bath and Milton Keynes throughout October half term through to Halloween weekend and we've been invited to go along and experience the spooky magic.  So the boys faces painted (Noah wanted to be a yellow angry bird and Ben was apparently "Batman Fake" we set off to Matlock Bath to experience the Swizzels Trick or Treat Trail.I refrained from doing my own make up given that it was a 2-hour journey on Public Transport!


Sunday, 26 October 2014

Christmas Planning - Week 8 and 9: Guest Room and public spaces.

sorry sorry sorry, I may be having an organised Christmas but the rest of my life is completely disorganised.  It also doesn't help that the site I base my posts on (Organized Home) has a glitch or a virus or something and constantly throws me to an 'update Adobe Flash" page with an instant download.  Please delete this download as I am concerned it's a virus as I've gone thro the proper adobe site and should be up to date yet it's still showing up all the time.

Anyways I battled round it and thankfully (as I'm soo behind) there's not a lot to add to my list.  I'd like to say check the website for the full lists but.......

Of course weeks 8 and 9 are also Halloween prep so they have some great ideas for getting you organised there too.  We don't do Halloween massively here so I'll not be covering it in this post.

I have sorted out the boys letters from Santa already though thanks to Offiical Lapland, check out my post and competition here.

If Halloween and sweets are more your thing then I have a Spooky competition from Swizzles live too, here.