Sunday, 24 May 2015

Moving House: Packing

I've touched on this subject in other posts but it really deserves to have one all of it's own.... after all I'd say a good 70% of the things you have to do is pack.

Speaking from experience there is nothing worse then bad packing.  Last time we moved we thought "how hard can this moving thing be?!".  combine that with 2 small children, parents who work 7 days a week between them and no one on the scene to babysit and actually it becomes a pretty big challange.

We bought loads of those huge re-useable bags from Tesco, Hobbycraft and other various locations and, along with lots of nappy boxes basically stuffed them to the top with books.

Then we got loads of re-usable plastic crates and filled them with anything we could find as we went along.

There was no method to the 'packing', no consideration of where it'll go the other end (I labelled a couple of boxes) in fact there was no planning went into anything.

Clothes were pretty much left on  hangers and dumped in a corner to go.

lampshades, lights, and anything to big for a box well they landed in another pile.

Then hubby told me a week before we got the keys that he couldn't get the day off work to help me move house!  But it was ok because he had around 5 friends and our neighbours to help (one who had a van).

So on the day of the move (with no one in sight) I set off with the boys to get the keys ..... and wait for someone to come and help move.  (but anyway that's another story in itself)  Lets just say moving day (which turned into moving week) was a complete and utter disaster and had me crying in many many corners.   Had the packing been done properly it would have been a far smoother operation.

Saturday, 23 May 2015

Make it: Turkey Twirls

Lots of things recently have had be reaching for the past and none more so then the other day when someone mentioned those immortal words "Turkey Twizzlers".  Produced by Bernard Matthews back in 2005, when your school dinner cost 45p a day, these yummy items were removed from schools and discontinued because Jamie Oliver branded them unhealthy.
  Excitement mounted in this house when, in 2014, Bernard Matthews applied to trademark "Oliver Twists" which sounded very similar, there doesn't appear to have been any movement since unfortunately.

So it got me thinking... how hard can they really be to make? They were basically turkey (34%) and 39 other ingredients (approx) including water, pork fat, rusk, wheat starch, three sweeteners, hardened or hydrogenated vegetable oil, colourings and flavourings. OK so mine will have to be a bit healthier then them
  Obviously Turkey Twizzlers would be trademarked so Ben re-named our version "Turkey Twirls".

Friday, 22 May 2015

Lush: Brightside Bubble Bar

Do you remember Christmas when my hubby brought me some Lush treats but they'd accidentally been labelled up wrong?  Read about it here.  Well I have finally got around to trying Brightside out for myself and all the lovely stories I've heard about it were ohh so true.

Thursday, 21 May 2015

Tesco Orchard Review: Ice Cream - Pigs in Mud

For years I scoffed at Ben and Jerry's - seriously who pays that sort of money for ice cream I thought (can you tell I am a budgeting queen?) ....... then I tried some and my heart screamed out for more.

I don't eat a lot of ice cream and therefore when I do I treat myself to some 'posh' ice cream, unfortunately for me the kids also like it so I need to **shudders** share.   You can therefore imagine I was pretty chuffed when Tesco asked if I would like to try their ice cream range... and when I found they now did their own Limited Edition 'posh' ice cream "Pigs in Mud" why I bought us a tub.

Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Moving House: Books for kids

As I mentioned in my post about preparing children for a house move (here) one of the ways is to read stories with young children as a way to discuss their feelings and concerns.
My boys are HUGEEE Topsy and Tim fans so when we discovered "Topsy and Tim Move House" it was an instant addition to our collection.

Topsy and Tim: Move House (Ladybird)
Join Topsy and Tim as they prepare to move house with Mummy and Dad. In Topsy and Tim Move House, the twins are moving house but there is a lot of work to do. There are curtains to take down, toys to pack and pets to look after. It is an exciting time for Topsy and Tim, but Kitty, their cat, isn't quite so sure about the move...

But this got me thinking - what other books are there around?
Here's some of the ones we found - perhaps you have some other tried and tested suggestions?